Products and Sales

Pasture-Raised Pork, Lamb and More.

Our farm offers various cuts of delicious Mangalitsa pork, which is higher in fat than other types, allowing for flavour and texture that’s hard to beat. It has often been mistaken for beef!

We offer Full, Half and Quarter Mangalitsa Pig:

  • Mangalitsa Full $15/lb hanging weight
  • Mangalitsa Half $17/lb hanging weight
  • Mangalitsa Quarter $17/lb hanging weight

Please see product list below with every full, half or quarter purchased:

The lambs on our farm are Katahdin Sheep, which offer up lean and mild meat. These “hair sheep” don’t even need to be sheared, as they shed their own winter coats! Try our:

Also inquire about the availability of our high-quality chicken and ground beef!

Delivery is available for a small fee within a 25-kilometre radius. Call us today, or inquire about sales (including to reserve piglets) by email.